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Mission Statement


At Citr.Us, we believe in fostering our community through creativity and entrepreneurship. We strive to be a hub for connection, offering a vibrant space for art, music, and a variety of mindful events. Our showroom and creative den are open for residents to organize workshops and set up shop, encouraging collaboration and innovation within our community.


Why Citr.Us ?


We understand that entrepreneurship can be lonely, and that resources such as space to create, host workshops, or start your first brick-and-mortar are often scarce. That’s why Citr.Us offers six unique residency spaces designed to accommodate a variety of businesses, from vintage resellers to yoga instructors. Additionally, our art gallery space is dedicated to showcasing the work of RGV artists, providing them with a platform to shine.


Do I have to be there all day?


Citr.Us operates on behalf of its residents, meaning a resident does not have to be present to make sales. During business hours, Citr.Us acts as a sales representative on behalf of its residents. However, residents are welcome to organize events and workshops outside of business hours with a two-week notice.

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Residency Perks.

Together we can innovate, inspire and imagine.

Social Media 

“We believe in the power of teamwork to achieve our creative goals!”

As a resident, you will benefit from our comprehensive social media services, which include website building, analytic strategies, and creative brainstorming. Access will also be granted to the creativity den. Daily social media promotion from.

  • affiliated accounts. 

  • Flyers / graphics / brainstorming. 

  • Website page.

  • Analytic-Strategy.

Brand Visibility 

Position your brand as a household name.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Weslaco, our downtown location attracts a diverse crowd. As a resident, you will have the ability to customize your space to enhance your brand aesthetic.

  • Daily foot traffic.

  • University/college hotspot. 

  • Weslaco City events. 

  • Brand Kit (Decorate your space!)

Grassroots Sales

“Community starts where fostering one-on-one connections begin.”

We recognize that our residents may not always be available, which is why Citr.Us is committed to serving as a representative on behalf of the residents' brands. Residents will be automatically included in markets and live events organized by Citr.Us, benefiting from:

  • Live events / vendor markets.

  • Flyer distribution.

  • Services and sales representation.

  • Organic connections for long-term growth.

Get in Touch

308 S Texas Blvd. 

Weslaco TX

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